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(JRW3) A Very Rare to find Knight's Cross, Oakleaves and Swords. Both are in near mint condition with the knight's cross retaining virtually all of its original black painted finish. The silver marked frame is in very nice condition retaining all its frosted and burnishing and has been polished along the seams. As such, the centre shows the clamping from the vice where this has been done. This is only really detectable under a magnifying glass. Under the eyering to the cross, this is marked 800. The oakleaves and swords are unmarked but again are very nice quality. The unusual thing about this combination are the oversized swords. I have only ever seen two other sets of these, one set belonged to David Littlejohn who as a British Intelligence Officer, picked it up at the end of the war and the other set were on a display board from Steinhauer and Luck. The set also come with an original piece of ribbon mounted up for wear with ties sewn to the ends. The ribbon is nice and clean and is sewn in the centre to give it a better look. Very nice rare set to acquire.

GBP 25,000..00 (UK Pounds)

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