Below is a colour chart of Third Reich Ribbons as well as a list to which awards they belong. It is hoped that this will help the collector identify both his ribbon and also have an idea of any replacement ribbon he needs


From Top to bottom left to right

    1st Column

  • Cross of Honour
  • Cross Of honour for the relatives
  • Spanish Cross for the fallen
  • Grand Cross of the Iron Cross 1939
  • Knights Cross of the Iron Cross 1939
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939
  • 1939-1940 War Medal
  • Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross 1939
  • War Merit Cross 2nd Class with & without Swords 1939

    2nd Column

  • War Merit Medal
  • 13th March medal 1938 (Austria)
  • 1st Oct 1938 (Sudentanland)
  • Memelland medal
  • West Wall Medal
  • Russian Front Medal
  • Ostvolk 2nd class in gold
  • Ostvolk 2nd class in silver
  • Ostvolk 2nd class in Bronze

From Top to bottom left to right

    3rd Column

  • Spanish Blue Medal
  • Italian Afrika medal
  • Blue Long Service Medal
  • Police Long Service Cross
  • NSDAP 10 Year Service Cross
  • NSDAP 15 Year Service Cross
  • NSDAP 25 Year Service Cross
  • Air Defence 1st & 2nd Classes
  • Fire Service Cross
  • Mine Rescue Service Medal

    4th Column

  • Life Saving Medal
  • Mothers Cross (All Grades)
  • Social Welfare & Red Cross (Knights Cross Grade)
  • Social Welfare Medal and Red Cross Medal
  • Olympic Games Neck award
  • Olympic Games 2nd class cross and medal
  • Blood Order
  • Eagle Orders Crosses amd Silver Medals
  • Eagle Order Medals Bronze Grade
  • Danzig Cross 2nd Class

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